Consultative Selling with The Vision Group


Our Process Follows the Same Methods We Educate and Train On, Be a Consultative Buying Facilitator

Most revenue generating (sales) training is composed of one or more days in a training session and the conclusion by the instructor, "Good Luck and Good Selling".

As experienced management we know that unless there is re-enforcement, accountability and skills based training to re-enforce what is learned, sales training sessions are nothing more than events. To gain continued and sustained improvement the go-to-market strategies and tactics of your company need to be sustainable.

The Vision Group has been active in helping organizations in a number of industries change not only the way they go-to-market, also the very culture of their sales and marketing operations.

We are focused on developing sales processes which allow sales organizations to SENSE where the customer is in their buying cycles and to be a UNIQUE buying facilitator, not a typical "product pitching" sales person.

We believe, and our clients agree, systemic, re-enforced, measurable and coach able processes provide prospects and customers with the knowledge your products and services are differentiated and valuable.

We implement successful strategies, techniques, & tactics that help organizations transform the perceptions prospects and customers have about them, resulting in improved sales and customer retention.

Outlined below is the process we follow as we work with you to implement our services.

1. Initial Consultation
A conversation about the current situation within your company, division or department. Covering your stated goals, what issues/reasons may be impacting your performance, and ‘capabilities’ needed to close performance gaps or to exceed performance objectives. This initial consultation is a non-billable event.

2. Process Definition
This service assists the sales and marketing organization in defining “best practices” needed for their future. Once these definitions are developed and agreed to, then the organization is in a position to “transfer” this knowledge, strategies, techniques, and tactics to sales and marketing personnel.

3. Development and execution of Best Practices workshops
These workshops are targeted for appropriate sales, marketing, management and senior management to:

  • Implement a systemic sales and marketing methodology designed to achieve growth and profitability.
  • Implement a measurement process which ensures the organization has a dashboard regarding performance achievement and appropriate understanding of improvement areas.
  • Help managers at all levels in how to quickly assess department, division, and corporate goals, understand how to coach managers and sales/marketing personnel to achieve their goals, and how to become a practitioner to sustain long term high performance in their respective organizations.

4. Best Practices workshops for delivery personnel
The purpose of these workshops is to ensure that the entire organization is in alignment with the sales and marketing methodologies and to develop best practices for project management and ongoing awareness within their clients regarding new sales opportunities

5. Maintenance consulting
Designed to ensure that implemented sales and marketing methodologies continue to operate at desired performance levels.

These services are available via an as needed basis, a retainer services agreement or on a project oriented basis

Process Diagram

What is a sales, consulting, account management and marketing process?

» A documented set of repeatable interrelated activities from market awareness through selling activities to servicing and consulting with the customer that can be communicated to anyone in the company.

» Each activity can be measured for through-put, efficiency and has a defined owner.

» The result of each activity has a standard deliverable that is checked for quality and consistency.

» Each deliverable can be assessed to identify improvements to the people performing the activities, the sales process or both.
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