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The Best Buying Experience in Business to Business (B2B)

The Best Buying Experience starts at first contact, and building trust is critical. Part of building trust is to form a human connection and the missing link in sales to form a connection is the Power of Story.

The Best Buying Experience is a combination of Behaviorally Correct Skills, Product Usage Knowledge, and Market Knowledge.

Best Buying Experience

It is not About It. It is about what buyers Can Achieve With IT.

The lost art of telling stories woven with how your products and services are used by your customers is one of the most powerful ways to make a human connection and build trust with new or existing clients.

We also need to stay focused on the buyers needs using consultative selling and help them develop a vision of a solution, based on value, as they are making buying decisions. To achieve this, our clients align sales and marketing efforts with the shifting concerns of how customers make decisions to buy their types of products and services.

To become proficient at consultative selling it is not enough to ask good questions, listen and focus on needs. We also need to stay aligned with our buyers shifting concerns as they are making buying decisions and demonstrate behaviorally correct skills throughout the buy/sell cycle.

From a buyer’s point of view, discussing product details too early is out of alignment with their expectations.

Proper behavior includes being able to explain our products/services in ways our customers can easily visualize the business usage to help achieve their compelling needs.

We also need to be able to describe the business usage of our products and services in their market terms and standards, not ours.

These points are true for many of the touch points of a potential buyer/customer in a company, whether we are in sales or marketing.

To achieve the Best Buying Experience, B2B buyers expect sellers to understand their market, be able to describe how their offerings can help solve business needs, and have behaviorally correct skills throughout a consultative buying process.

Power of Story
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