Consultative Selling with The Vision Group


Consultative Based Sales and Marketing Methods in Alignment with Your Buyers Needs is Our Philosophy

Imagine that your executives call in a sales training program or motivational speaker to speak to your organization. The sesson last a limited amount of time with your key assets, your revenue generating teams. Many of the high points will be around the what and why of sales and marketing. Hopefully the session goes well and everyone leaves feeling 'pumped up' and motivated.

Now, what do they do, and how do they do it after leaving these sessions? They go back to their offices to face their pressure packed, time constrained revenue generating careers. And unless the elements important to you are re-enforced and measured they will take some nuggets and self apply them to their careers with mixed results.

The Vision Group Philosophy:

We take a very different approach to helping your most important assets grow, mature, and be successful. We assist you in defining, documenting, and then transferring the how and when of best practices to your sales, marketing, consulting and customer service organizations.

We work with senior executives to implement sustainable, repeatable, coachable, and measurable sales and marketing methods. We set up systems to help revenue generating teams work together to ensure customer needs are understood and met.

This systemic approach is crucial to helping companies grow in a profitable and consistent manner from year to year. Our focus is not on a single event, but, related events which when implemented result in processes that meet corporate goals.

Our approach is based on years of research and experience about what buyers need when making important decisions. A customer focused revenue generating program should be about ensuring that we are in alignment with buyers.

It is not about being subservient to the buyers. It is about helping them in a consultative manner to get what they need.

Contact us to learn how other organizations have successfully integrated not only the What and Why, more importantly, the How and When to align their sales and marketing methods with how their buyers make buying decisions.


We help your revenue generating employees be perceived as:

» Delivering what
 customers need

» Helping prospects see
 value in your products
 and services

» Helping prospects
 navigate complex
 decision cycles

» Demonstrating the
 values that make your
 company a preferred

» Helping prospects and  customers realize that  your people are part of  the solution they need  in addition to your  products and services


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