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Mike Bosworth and The Vision Group

Through our continued association with Mike Bosworth we are offering training programs and consulting designed to help sales and marketing personnel improve their effective prospecting and consultative selling. Mike is the Best Seling Business Author of Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets (McGraw-Hill, 1993) and co-author of Customer Centric Selling (McGraw-Hill, November 2003).

Our customers are using consultative selling combined with the ability to develop a human connection via the power of story, which leads to the best buying experience for their new and existing prospects and customers.

Customers tell us we help train and educate their personnel on what their best do naturally. Telling stories woven with how their product/service capabilities are used by their customers to help satisfy their needs, while using empathetic listening skills during a consultative needs discovery to connect with prospects/customers.

What Great Sales People Do - Converting B2B to H2H Selling, (Human to Human)


Story Seekers is founded on a fresh and contemporary framework, by Michael Bosworth. To help salespeople better connect with, and inspire, the people they wish to do business with. We are innovating new ways that will help salespeople organize, convey and share ideas through story.

Learn more about The Missing Link in Sales by Mike Bosworth.

Previous quotes from a recent workshop:

"...sales is about connecting! StoryLeaders taught us to break down the barriers..."

Jon Bierman, COO, Netcordia

"...gave my team the confidence they can now connect with their corporate clients with sincerity and can build the trust/credibility essential in the enterprise sales cycle."

Jess Richter, VP Sales, LiebSoft

“We were able to clone what the very best salespeople do naturally. Our salespeople have become more successful by learning how to better connect with the people they’re trying to influence, and getting them to do this on purpose."

Mike McGlone, WW VP Sales, Reliance Globalcom



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