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The Vision Group's focus is on the buyers needs, rather than the sellers. Our story begins with:

It is not about how you sell, it is about how your customers buy.

Clients tell us the reason they chose us is our expertise in providing consulting and coaching on strategic and tactical methods for winning in sales and marketing. This has resulted in the training of thousands of sales, marketing and management at the following companies, to name a few.

Companies which desire the integration of more value SENSING sales strategies and tactics, knowing how and when to use them based on the buying cycle they are facing are among our most successful clients.

"Outstanding training, extremely relevant to direct sales, services & partnership sales."
J. Newpower, Shavlik Technologies
"Great new approach to the world's second oldest profession!"
J. Massela,
Gelco Information Networks
"I have recommended Dan many times over the past few years as one of the most assured "return on your investment" decisions a CEO, COO, or Sales Executive could make. Regardless of the experience level of your sales force, Dan's customer-centric training will bring disciplined processes that work."

K. Beckwith
, Director, Reshare Corp.
“Would it help if, when struggling to transform your organization out of its low-margin commoditized sales model, you could, through one simple e-mail, have access to a wealth of in-the-trenches expertise, so that your Sales team will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to sell based on business value and help their customers view your products and services from a value-based perspective? Then contact Dan. I recommend him 150%.

M. Blazich, VP, Tushaus Computer Services





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