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Oct. 2011 Newsletter- End of the Year Planning

We are going to take a break from the Art of Negotiating Strategies and Tactics series to bring back a newsletter from 2008. This month's newsletter is composed of three articles that you may find of value as you race towards the end of 2011 and get ready for 2012. We hope you find this newsletter of value!

Accelerate completion of Outstanding Buyer Evaluation Plans

Buyer Evaluation PlanThe 2011 year end is rapidly approaching us. Whether your business year end occurs at the calendar year or another fiscal calender month, there are some things you might consider accomplishing before 2011 is over.

 If you are using a "Buyer Evaluation Plan" or a "Sequence of Events" with your prospects and accounts that have projects being evaluated, where are you in the completion of the outstanding items left prior to the submission of final project information?

Are there any steps in the Buyer Evaluation Plan that may be able to be accelerated upon mutual agreement between the prospect and you? Would accelerating these steps create a situation of getting out of personal alignment with the prospect? If not, consider meeting with your prospects to review the current Buyer Evaluation Plan and potentially accelerating completion dates.

If you do not have Buyer Evaluation Plan in place with existing clients, consider meeting with them to mutually determine what remaining steps need to be accomplished prior to their decision. Then aggressively manage the Buyer Evaluation Plan to its completion.

Here is an example of an article discussing a Buyer Evaluation Plan.

Is there a written Value or Cost Justification?

Blood or MoneyIt is generally known that in current economic times such as we are in, senior management tightens spending in many areas. One of those areas is spending for new products and services. Studies have shown that greater importance is placed on cost justification prior to spending for new products and services.

If a written value or cost justification hasn't been accomplished yet with evaluating prospects or accounts, is it possible to hold a meeting(s) to discuss and document VALUE soon (within a week or so)?

 If meeting(s) can be scheduled, go prepared to discuss the current operating environment of your client and what the value would be if appropriate POTENTIAL CAPABILITIES were available.

Clients tell us that the recognition of VALUE in doing something creates urgency to action. We have seen 'Buyer Evaluation Plans' accelerated dramatically once a client/prospect becomes convinced they can achieve significant value by taking appropriate ACTION.

IF THERE IS a written cost or value justification, consider reminding the client of that value and discuss how steps may be accelerated to more quickly help them achieve their goals.

Prepare your GO TO MARKET Strategies and Tactics!

Now is the time to begin your planning for 2012!Man with a plan.

Analyze your territory or named accounts to determine where you will take proactive steps to gain access to key players and get decision cycles started.

Prepare a success plan which details the What, Who, Where, When, and HOW's needed to ensure you achieve and exceed your goals for 2012. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE A TEMPLATED SUCCESS PLAN, PLEASE CONTACT ME!

Review your companies products and services offerings. Determine if there are new potential capabilities that can be incorporated into your solution development steps with prospects and existing clients.

 If so, then expand your Vision Prompters to include those new capabilities. Along with that, determine with internal experts or with trusted clients what the value of those capabilities could or may be for them.

Please call or e-mail me if you would like to learn more about The Vision Group programs available to your organization.

Please feel free to call or em ail if you would like to discuss ideas around various programs to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing personnel.

Happy Selling!


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