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Sample of a Buying Evaluation Plan used in the Buy Sell Cycle

At the intersection of phase 1 and phase 2 in the diagram below, the two primary concerns, needs in gray and solution in blue, have crossed. It is at this point the individual is beginning to move from discovery, phase 1, into evaluation, phase 2.

In their mind the Vision of a Solution of how to solve their needs is beginning to form and is becoming a higher concern then their needs.

At first this may not seem intuitive, however, think about buying a larger dollar product or service for the business. Once you have determined your compelling business needs can be resolved with certain capabilities, you move to the next step, "how can I obtain these capabilities".

Such as, which companies should I consider, is financing available, what options exist to obtain the capabilities matched to needs, is now the right time based on other projects and a host of other thoughts around these two areas. The "How" to obtain and the "When", is now the right time.

Shifting concerns of individuals making a buying decision.

Notice at the cross over from phase 1 to phase 2 the concern of total cost has gone down.
Needs and solution are now the most important concerns for the individual.

The reason the concern for total cost has gone down and solution is going up is the individual has already determined they can afford the capabilities under consideration. However, note the concern for risk is beginning to raise slightly as they consider solutions. As an individual is moving towards making a decision to buy, risk is rising in the back of the mind.

Sample of a Buying Evaluation Plan

Buying Evaluation Plan for larger projects

The use of a buying evaluation plan can be used at any point during the buy sell cycle with a prospect. The key is to document and gain agreement with the buying committee. The objective is not to control the buying process, it is to be a buying facilitator using consultative based skills.

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