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“First gain Trust, Then gain Business” – New Effective Prospecting Workshops

After 30+ years in sales and marketing Dan found, first gain trust, then gain business, is an unwritten law of selling. Until recently, Dan Lemke was not training clients to create a human connection and developing trust, “on purpose”.

Focusing on the Best Buying Experience, we are offering Effective Prospecting workshops and consulting in conjunction with StoryLeaders™. A new research based offering from Mike Bosworth, best selling business author of Solution Selling® and CustomerCentric Selling®.

StoryLeaders™ is a research based framework designed to enable salespeople to prospect and sell with greater confidence, effectiveness and purpose. By breaking down the human barriers that buyers instinctually raise. The framework harnesses the power of two of the most intrinsic, yet underdeveloped communication forms: storytelling and active listening.

The first question we are asked is, "why use stories?”

“For the past hundred and ninety thousand years, humans have used stories to lead, communicate, educate, warn, persuade, engage and inspire others, to celebrate success and to connect emotionally”, – says Mike Bosworth. Telling and listening to stories is in our DNA.

Why are the leaders in virtually all professions good storytellers?

Why use stories when selling? A good story can have a profound effect on the buying process. People respond unconsciously to stories. When people hear, "once upon a time…" a part of their brain tells them, this is safe, it's just a story, and I don't have to do anything. I can relax and enjoy the story.

Paradoxically, at the same time, we also respond with, I better pay attention, I might need to remember this, it could be important. Long after we forget data, we remember stories We can now teach sales people how they can more effectively influence change by better connecting with their buyer’s natural human behavior through story.

Story is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world, for people to learn and change, and for sales people to emotionally connect with their prospects and customers.

The missing link in effective prospecting is the power of story.

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