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Negotiating to a Win-Win in B2B Sales - Step 4

May 2012 News Letter

The ABC's of Negotiating - Step 4 - Buy Cycle Steps

Win-Win NegotiatingIn the April 2012 article on negotiating we discussed having a 'roadmap' in your mind about what the next steps in a buy/sell cycle should/could be after an initial 45 minute to 1 hour conversation with a key buyer at a prospect company.

Our recommendation for a next step as we discussed last month is to gain agreement that the buyer has a "VISION" of a solution and wants to continue to evaluate your company and that you want to document this conversation in a letter and suggest some next steps.

Remember, in all of these steps we'll be discussing, use the concepts of 'quid pro quo' and ABC (Always be closing - for the next step).

NOTE: In the article we will be referring to the small box label 4 in the image below.

Negotiating win-win in B2B Sales

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