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Jun 2011 News Letter

How to Align Sales and Marketing Around a 3 Legged Stool

The best of breed are aligning sales and marketing in 3 main areas.

  • A common language
  • How customers make buying decisions, (the buying process)
  • A common sales method

These 3 areas provide the best stability in the alignment of sales and marketing based on a recent study by Aberdeen and were found to lead to 20% sales increases within the best of breed.

How to align sales marketing around a 3 legged stool

Think of these 3 areas as the 3 legs of an old milking stool which was built to navigate uneven ground. Doesn't it make sense to want a more stable alignment between sales and marketing to tackle the ups and downs of the markets you are in.

In addition to aligning sales and marketing, the best of breed have also moved down the path of how they are nurturing leads.

The results demonstrate a well defined nurturing program generates 50% more qualified sales ready leads at 33% less cost per lead.

Many companies are looking at the alignment of sales and marketing with a strong nurturing program to be low hanging fruit in the current times.

Please feel free to call or email if you would like to discuss ideas around how to better align sales and marketing to increase sales.

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