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First Gain Trust Then Meet the Buying Committee

February 2011 Newsletter

Customer Focus Delivers the Best Buying Experience

First Gain Trust Then Meet with the Buying Committee

Customer Focus Delivers the Best Buying Experience

Last month we discussed how to align sales and marketing. Using a common language, a common sales process and how the customer buys. Our clients, past studies, and our own experience demonstrates it is the focus on how the customer buys which increases revenue and margins.

This months article is in regards to phase 1, the discovery phase, and how to build trust while preparing to meet with the buying committee.

First Gain Trust Then Meet with the Buying Committee
Dan Lemke

Here is a quick story from my past to help illustrate the importance of gaining trust prior to meeting with the buying committee.

Many of you have heard me say how the hair on the back of my neck stands up when certain things happen to me in a sales cycle. One of those is being invited to meet with the buying committee when I do not know all of the players.

Think about it this way. What bad things can happen if you walk into a room full of people you have not met, they don't know you and you really don't know where they are in their buy-sell cycle?

Buying Cycle Time Frame

Each individual on a buying committee has their own "personal clock" in terms of where they are in the buying cycle. Plus, the odds are, they are not all on the same page when you walk into a meeting. Unless you did you homework before you arrived.

Read on to understand how I prepared myself and the buying committee for the scheduled meeting ahead of time.

Please feel free to call or email if you would like to discuss ideas around gaining trust or how to setup and manage a meeting with the buying committee.

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