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September 2010 Newsletter

First Gain Trust Then Gain Business

Effective Prospecting Workshop

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First Gain Trust Then Gain Business


Think back to your successes in sales. Do you recall how a successful sale actually began? What was the sequence of events getting the sale started? How did you get the sale on track?

Helping you understand the WHAT/WHY, yet more importantly, the HOW and WHEN in buy/sell relationships has been the underpinnings of my role as an independent consultant since 1998. We have been trying to help both the naturals and the journeymen improve sales and personal performance.



Effective Prospecting Workshop

October 19-21, 2010

Through our StoryLeaders™ workshops, you will discover how to connect with, inspire and influence the people you wish to do business with.

StoryLeaders is a research-based framework designed to enable your salespeople to sell with greater confidence, effectiveness and purpose, by breaking down the human barriers that buyers instinctually raise. The framework harnesses the power of two of the most intrinsic, yet underdeveloped communication forms: storytelling and active listening.

Facilitated by certified Story Leaders™ founder Mike Bosworth, the workshop is interactive, practical, experiential, and feedback-oriented. The workshop is broken into lecture, practice, coaching, and real life case study exercises.

Please take a moment to review the objectives of this upcoming workshop.

Effective Prospecting Workshop



 A Marketing Blog Worth Reading!

We would like to introduce you to Lee Stocking from the prarieskygroup! Lee and The Vision Group have worked together for more than 10 years.

Recently, Lee began a blog dedicated to bridging the gaps between sales and marketing in order to drive revenue. We highly recommend that you take some time to check out Lee's blog. It is refreshing, and by golly revealing for both sales and marketing issues that many of you may face!

Read the latest blog entry

"Carly Simon and the Wooly Mammoth"

Prarie Sky Group

By Lee Stocking

We hope to see you this fall at the Effective Prospecting Workshop!


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Effective Prospecting
Chris's Story

Effective Prospecting leads to the Best Buying Experience.