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The Human Connection - Recorded Webinar

June 2010 Newsletter

Connecting, Inspiring and Influencing

Recorded Webinar with Mike Bosworth

Connecting, Inspiring and Influencing


The Webinar with Mike Bosworth on June 9, 2010 was recorded and is available for you to listen to at your convenience. The Webinar was ~40 minutes in length with a Q & A after that. You can listen to it at the link below!

"Connect, Inspire & Influence"
Recorded Webinar

What You Will Learn:Why the 80/20 rule became the 87/13 Rule

  • Why buyers resist answering questions
  • Why "Left Brain" thinking makes selling so hard
  • When buyers connect with YOU
  • How to increase  prospecting effectiveness
  • How to get sales on the "track" quickly

Excerpt from Mike Bosworth

"I founded Solution Selling® in 1983 and co-founded CustomerCentric Selling® in 2001. Both of these frameworks were originally designed to help salespeople sell complex, enterprise systems over long sales cycles.

Because I didn't know of way to teach "the human connection" at the time, I focused all my efforts on helping sellers get down to business and develop solutions. Solution Selling® & CustomerCentric Selling® helped sellers take a buyer through a behaviorally correct needs development framework.

2008 was a turning point in the evolution of sales enablement for me. After 30 years of training salespeople, I learned that developing connections is actually teachable and have created a framework that enables sellers to connect with greater purpose, confidence and effectiveness.

With most organizations having a sales methodology already in place, my focus now is applying my new lessons learned: teaching salespeople how to connect emotionally with their buyers.

Mike Bosworth


Thoughts on Prospecting Effectiveness

Have you wondered why your prospecting effectiveness has been a challenge over the last few months and years?

The world of selling, consulting and marketing is filled with challenges in today's economic environment. We have been barraged with training on Selling Systems and Marketing Systems.

We work hard on ensuring that our approach is effective.

Recent research information suggests that the 80/20 rule for sales productivity is no longer valid! It's gotten worse! That makes life even more challenging.

The recorded webinar by Mike Bosworth discusses the missing link in sales, & improving prospecting effectiveness!

If you are hesitating to take 45 minutes to learn about the Missing Link in Sales, take ~6 minutes and watch the quick video on the right.

Effective Prospecting - Chris's Story as a Sales Person

Then decide about listening to the full recorded webinar.

Have a great summer!

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Effective Prospecting
Chris's Story

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