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Shifting Concerns of Individuals
Making Buying Decisions

Oct/Nov 2009 Newsletter

Narrated Article - Shifting Concerns of Individuals Making Buying Decisions - What you should know

Last Newsletter Article - Narrated Article on - "How Individuals Meet Their Buying Needs"

Announcing new services from the Vision Group!


Shifting Concerns of Individuals Making
Buying Decisions!
(Narrated Article)

What you should know!

This narrated article is <10 minutes, and describes the buying phases that individuals go through as they make decisions regarding outside vendors/suppliers of solutions.

This research based material is what customer-facing personnel (Sales, Management, Consulting, Customer Service, Professional Services, Marketing) should be aware of in their daily contact with prospects and clients.

This article describes the 4 (four) phases in a buying cycle, key elements that buyers are concerned about, and what you should be aware of.

Further articles will go into detail regarding these 4 phases, and the HOW to's of working with prospects and existing clients.

This article is placed on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

August/September 2009 Narrated Article on
How Individual Buyers Meet Their Needs


We have included the narrated article from the August/September 2009 newsletter for those that may want to listen to it as a result of this months article on the "Shifting Concerns of Individuals Making Buying Decisions".

The video runs for ~6 minutes and 20 seconds. We are hopeful you will have the time to listen to it. (Located on YouTube)

Announcing new services from the Vision Group

As some of you know we concluded our association with CustomerCentric Selling in June of 2009.

Since that time we have been working hard on developing new services for small and medium sized organizations.

Over the last 4 years we have specialized in working with smaller organizations that were concerned with some of the following critical elements/needs:

  • Growing rapidly but faced with the need to add revenue generating personnel with limited on-boarding resources.
  • Limited resources for developing sales/marketing processes.
  •  Rapidly changing market conditions causing the need to re-tool marketing and sales focus.
  • Limited resources to hire outside consultants (like the Vision Group) to assist in change management and enabling new productivity techniques.
  • New services for existing clients that were with us during the CustomerCentric Selling period.

Because of current market needs we have developed "streamlined", "affordable", and "rapidly deployable" consulting, classroom, and on-line based instructional capabilities.

I look forward to talking to you at some point in the near future about how these new services may help your organization.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how these new services may help your organization.

Future Newsletters from The Vision Group 
  • New Services from The Vision Group.
  • Services from other organizations.
  • Tips & Tactics for sales and marketing.
  • Surveys to help us be more effective for YOU.

As always, if you would like to discuss the current selling or marketing situation you are in, please contact us at any time.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to any associates that you feel could benefit from this information.

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