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Tips on Selling in Tough Times

Jan/Feb 2009 Newsletter

Formally announcing the change in my business email address

Announcing The Vision Group web site

Tips on selling in today's economic climate. More tips to follow in future newsletters

Planned topics and future areas coming to you throughout 2009

Announcement of my new email and web site

I'm forwarding this newsletter to you from an old email address of in the hopes that you receive it successfully.

In the future I will be originating this newsletter and other communications to the new business email.

New email address:

New Web site

Please take a moment to visit my new web site 'The Vision Group'. I have held off on this monthly newsletter until the web site was available for you to review. Feel free to suggest comments about the web site to me.

I hope you find it useful for your sales, management and marketing efforts.

Of course, feel free to forward this web site information to your business associates and anyone you feel may be interested in understanding more about how we help.

What is a Value Proposition for My Prospect?

In November 2008 I provided an article to you entitled "Smart Selling in Tough Times". I received many emails indicating that this article was helpful.

In this edition I'd like to suggest two additional areas for you to consider in your selling and marketing efforts.

The first is an article that I wrote a number of years ago related to helping your prospects and clients see value. This article is a "HOW TO".

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about this technique for your use in marketing or sales.

Excerpted elements of
"Selling to Senior Executives"

The excerpt below discusses what the key insights into executive involvement with you (sales person or manager) are. The entire article was written in ~1996.

In my review of the article, my current clients and my experience indicate these areas are still key to successfully working with executives. If you would like to discuss this article or associated techniques and approaches please feel free to contact me.

As most of you know I provide, along with my associates, assistance in consulting, coaching and workshops to help my clients learn the techniques and tactics of knowing HOW to pursue these key areas and more.

Summary Conclusions from the "White Paper" cited below:

This study provides several key insights into executives' involvement in buying decisions, and what professional salespeople can do to gain and maintain access to senior executives:

Most senior executives become involved in key purchases early in the decision cycle, are less involved in the middle, and reassert themselves at the end of the process.

Senior executives will meet with salespeople early in the purchase decision cycle, but only to identify and learn about business issues related to the purchase decision.

By far the most effective means of gaining an appointment with a senior executive is through a recommendation from inside the executive's firm. Strong existing relationships within an organization proved crucial to gaining executive access.

During the initial sales meeting with a senior executive, salespeople must convey their accountability, and listen to and understand the customer's business goals, objectives and challenges.

See the other 5 key points in the Summary section of the article below.

Excerpted from:
A white paper written by:
Alston Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Target Marketing Systems, Inc.
Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D., Director of Development, Target Marketing Systems, Inc.
Jay E. Klompmaker, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina
Copyright Target Marketing International, Inc., 1996. All rights reserved.

Future Newsletters from The Vision Group 

I'm looking forward to announcing new and additional services from The Vision Group in the near future. You will see them announced here in the newsletter and on the Vision Group web site. Please check the web site for updates over the coming weeks.

In subsequent editions of this newsletter I will focus on the following key skills of selling and marketing.

The Vision Group Sales Process

  • Successfully executing the Process Steps in a sell cycle
  • Selling Skills - Which skills are needed when?
  • Marketing message tools and when they should be used.
  • Sales Process Deliverables - How do I know the prospect and I are on the same page?
  • Milestones & Probabilities of a sale - How do I know where the prospect is during the sell cycle and when are they ready to buy?
Marketing skills

  • Preparing messages for Discovery conversations that help buyers conclude I may be their best solution.
  • Establishing business value for your solutions with prospects early in a sell cycle.
  • Determining your company's market positioning so you are asking sales personnel to go where the GOLD is.
  • Preparation of your company's "Core Marketing Messages" and using a "Rifle Shot" approach

As always, if you would like to discuss the current selling or marketing situation you are in, please contact me at any time!

Feel free to forward this e-mail to any associates that you feel could benefit from this information.

Good Selling,

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