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Multiple Buyers Making Decisions Complex Sale

Dec 2009 Newsletter

New narrated article called "Multiple Buyers Making Decisions in a Complex Sale"

New location of the October/November 2009 article

New location of the August/September 2998 article

We have relocated the previous narrated articles regarding buyers to "YouTube" as videos, to ensure that you can gain immediate access to these articles anytime.

We will continue to provide additional narrated articles concerning consultative "Selling and Marketing" to buyers involved in both "Complex Sales" and "Transactional Sales" in 2010.

During 2010 our objectives include providing you with short narrated articles and views on selling and marketing in a business to business environment.

Our hope is that you may re-visit these articles to refresh yourself or provide others with insights into selling and marketing.



Multiple Buyers in a Complex Sale
(Narrated Article)

In this article (<10 min.) we are beginning the discussion regarding multiple buyers becoming involved in making a decision(s) to purchase outside services or products.

As we have previously discussed, there are four (4) phases that buyers go through, over time, to complete a buying decision. This article discusses PHASE I of that complex decision cycle. In January 2010 we will continue that discussion.

Previous narrated articles available on YouTube

October/November 2009 Article

Shifting Concerns of Individuals Making Buying Decisions

August/September 2009 Article

How Individual Buyers Meet Their Needs

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